Women in Engineering (WIE)


IEEE WIE (Women In Engineering) is one of the world’s leader society in changing the face of the STEM field. The WIE global network connects over 36,000 members in over 100 countries to advance women in technology at all points in their lives and careers. IEEE WIE members make lifelong friendships, acquire influential mentors, and aim at making a difference for the benefit of humanity.

The IEEE Nuclear Plasma Sciences Society is inviting the participants of the ANIMMA Conference to the Women in Engineering (WIE) event which this year aims to celebrate “Excellence” and “Recognition” of Women and Minorities in the Scientific Field. The celebration will take the form of a theatre play who will be performed and narrated by an actress and a soprano, accompanied by a live piano. The play offers a view of twentieth century’s Physics through the eyes of four excellent but only “partially” recognised protagonists: American astronomer Vera Cooper Rubin, Austrian nuclear physicist Marietta Blau, Chinese particle physicist Chien Shiung Wu and Italian Milla Baldo Ceolin.

Their lives unwound in an international context characterised by great upheaval, but also by the birth of modern Science. The public will meet four iconic women who loved Science, and who, by their strength and determination, could be associated to four forces of nature: Gravity, Electromagnetic, Weak and Strong. But there is another “hidden” Force that any spectator will perceive, and this is the force generated by women, who, driven by the passion for their work, can transform excellent science into a space of respect, progress and civil coexistence.

The Hidden Force was conceived, written and promoted by a group of women physicists from the Turin Division of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Anna Ceresole, Nora De Marco and Nadia Pastrone, and from the Physics Department of the University of Turin, Simonetta Marcello, together with Women’s historian Emiliana Losma, expert in new technologies Rita Spada, author and director Gabriella Bordin, author, actress and activist Elena Ruzza, in collaboration with soprano Fé Avouglan.

The attendance to the WIE event is by registration only.

“ANIMMA WIE” Event 2023

Thursday 15 of June at 18:00–19:30 in the Auditorium

The Hidden Force – Women in Physics and History