Oral and Poster Presentations

upload presentation

Each talk is allocated 20 minutes in total: 15 minutes of presentation time followed by 5 minutes of questions & answers. Please prepare your presentation accordingly to strictly adhere to these time limits.
Each session room will be set with an LCD projector, a microphone, and a laser pointer. A presentation laptop will be provided in the session room – no personal laptops will be permitted. All authors are required to make use of electronic presentations. Presentation files must be in Windows-compatible PowerPoint or PDF format. The presentations must be in English and must be uploaded onto INDICO prior to June 11. The upload tool allows you to upload PDF (*.pdf) and Microsoft PowerPoint files (*.ppt, *.pptx). The maximum file size is 50 MB and the upload may be done closer to the conference start.

Posters and intensive-orals

Posters should fit into 95 cm (width) x 110 cm (height) and should be displayed during the whole conference.
All posters will be displayed during the full conference. On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons after the coffee break, sessions are devoted for discussion in front of the posters. To valorize these poster sessions even more, the organizers have planned to start the poster sessions with a set of intensive-oral sessions dedicated to the promotion of the posters, i.e. a sort of “appetizer” to attract the audience to visit the posters. This means that each poster contributor is requested to deliver a short oral presentation in the designated seminar room in a very compact format: 5 minutes. To do so, please prepare a set of 3 slides, one of them being a picture of the poster, and the other two indicating what is new in the relevant context. After the intensive-oral session, discussions will continue in front of the posters located in the poster area.

More information will be sent to the author as we come closer to the conference event.