Panel Discussion Event on Nuclear Energy and Climate Change

Wednesday June 14th evening as part of the ANIMMA2023 Special Events Program access with Conference badge only.

The Panel Discussion on Nuclear Energy and Climate Change aims at discussing the current status and challenges the world faces in the transition towards decarbonized energies and the role that Innovation in Technology and Education could play in contributing to the current and future developments. Two distinguished speakers will present the technological and political perspectives followed by questions and discussions with the attendees.



Organization: Cinzia Da Via, Abdallah Lyoussi, Patrick Le Du

Christoph Rossel

“The Energy future in Europe, technology and policy challenges”

Christoph Rossel is the president of the Swiss (SPS, 2008-2012) and European Physical Societies (EPS, 2015-2017). Member of the Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP, 2016-2020). Chair of the EPS technology and Innovation group (TIG). Chair of the working group on Physics and Industry of the International Union of Pure and Applied physics (IUPAP), including energy issues.

Stephane Sarrade

“The nuclear and renewable energies regarding carbon emission and climate change”

Stephane Sarrade is the director of the Energy Programs Direction Port, (DES) at CEA, for Nuclear and Renewable Energies R&D. Research director of CEA in Chemical Engineering and Green Chemistry (2011). Chairman of the French Membranes Club (2000-2009). President (2006) of Supercritical Fluids Innovation (IFS). Co-founder (2014) of, Inovalor, for hazardous waste management.