Student Grants

This grant provides support for all students (graduate and undergraduate) to attend the ANIMMA 2023 conference.
  • Who can apply:

You must be a student affiliated with a university or a research institute, documented by proof of enrolment at the university/research institute.

  • How much you can apply for:

This funding is intended to cover the ANIMMA 2023 registration fee only.

  • How to apply:

Simply send us an email at specifying the title of your abstract (intended only if you are the first author). Further, in attachment, provide a recommendation letter from your supervisor (maximum of one A4 page), a letter of motivation (maximum of one A4 page) and a CV of yours (maximum of two A4 pages).

Deadline for the application: February 20, 2023.

  • How will you be evaluated:

The ANIMMA 2023 grants committee will decide and inform you by March 20, 2023.